In India, whether you are a private or commercial vehicle owner, adhering to road tax regulations is mandatory. The Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicle Taxation Act 1974 serves as the governing legislation for road tax within the state. Neglecting road tax payments can result in substantial penalties. Responsibility for the collection of road tax lies with the Tamil Nadu Regional Transport Office (RTO).

The Tamil Nadu RTO functions as a government department entrusted with a wide array of vehicle-related activities. These include the issuance of driving licenses, registration certificates (RC), renewal processes, permit allocation, and the enforcement of road safety rules and regulations. Furthermore, the Tamil Nadu transport department has established a unique system of RTO codes, categorized according to various geographical zones within the state. Tamil Nadu hosts more than 108 RTOs, each diligently maintaining records of vehicles traversing the length and breadth of Tamil Nadu.

Registration Charges Rs. 600 – For all cars
Hypothecation Charges Rs. 1,500 – If the car is purchased on a loan
Number Plate Charges Rs. 230 – 400 – Same for HSRP Number Plate
Parking Fee/State Development Charges Rs. 2,000 – MCD Parking Fees for cars under Rs. 4 Lakh Rs. 4,000 – MCD Parking Fees for cars above Rs. 4 Lakh (Applicable in some States)
Temporary Registration Charges Rs. 1,200 – 1,500 – Temporary Registration for up to 1 month
Road Tax Charges (Personal Registration) Cars under Rs. 10.0 Lakh: 10% Cars above Rs. 10.0 Lakh: 15%
FasTag Charges Rs. 600 FasTag fees payable on purchase of the vehicle
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