uttarakhand uniform civil code bill introduced

The Uniform Civil Code Bill will be presented in the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly today, which is Tuesday. The budget session of the assembly is commencing today as well. Along with the budget, the UCC bill will also be introduced in the house. Earlier, this bill was passed by the cabinet on Sunday. The Chief Minister of the state, Pushkar Singh Dhami, has already made the government’s stance clear on this matter. If the UCC is passed and approved by the Governor, Uttarakhand will become the first state in the country to implement a Uniform Civil Code, ensuring equal civil laws for all citizens.

For All Citizens – One Law: UCC The Uniform Civil Code provides equal civil laws for all citizens, meaning there will be one law applicable to all citizens, without differentiation based on religion or caste. This is also mentioned in the Constitution, specifically in Article 44, which talks about a Uniform Civil Code for all citizens.

Groundbreaking: Uttarakhand to Pioneer Uniform Civil Code Implementation!

Anticipated Changes According to sources, the UCC draft prepared by the committee has set the minimum marriageable age for boys at 21 years and for girls at 18 years. Additionally, equal rights have been granted to women and men in terms of divorce. If a woman wishes to remarry, there will be no conditions imposed on her.

According to sources, the UCC law also includes strict penalties for Halala, with a possible punishment of three years in prison and a fine of one lakh rupees. Moreover, if either the husband or wife is alive, they cannot remarry. Provisions have also been made in the UCC for those in live-in relationships, requiring registration through a dedicated portal.

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