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According to astrology, Saturn, the deity of justice, is considered the slowest-moving planet. However, Saturn is also considered a malefic planet. When Saturn’s position is unfavorable in the horoscope, various problems may arise in life. Conversely, when Saturn is well-placed, happiness abounds. It’s worth noting that currently, Saturn is positioned in its own sign of Aquarius. Additionally, on February 11, Saturn will become retrograde in this sign. Let’s find out which zodiac signs may face challenges due to Saturn’s retrograde motion…

According to astrology, Saturn will retrograde in the zodiac sign of Aquarius on February 11, at 1:55 PM.

Sagittarius Zodiac (Dhanu Rashi)

In this sign, Saturn will retrograde in the third house. Consequently, individuals of this sign may face some challenges. They may experience a lack of comforts and conveniences. Moreover, there might be a decrease in self-confidence. Every task may encounter some obstacles. Additionally, despite efforts, results may take a long time to materialize. It’s advised to remain vigilant while traveling. Furthermore, regarding employment, satisfaction may diminish, leading some to contemplate changing jobs.

Libra Zodiac (Tula Rashi)

In the sign of Libra, Saturn will retrograde in the fifth house. Consequently, individuals of this sign may encounter problems related to progeny. Concerns about their health and education may arise. Career-wise, they may feel slightly disappointed. It’s advisable to reconsider their strategies. Furthermore, job changes may be observed. Those involved in business need to be cautious as financial losses may occur.

Virgo Zodiac (Kanya Rashi)

In the sign of Virgo, Saturn will retrograde in the sixth house. Consequently, individuals of this sign need to be cautious. They may experience some challenges in the business field. Financially, they may face some adverse effects, leading to potential debt situations. There might be a decrease in self-confidence. Additionally, they may feel more pressure at work, which could result in encountering various problems. It’s also advisable to avoid relying too much on others, as it may lead to complications in their work.

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