Whether you own a private or commercial vehicle, adhering to road tax regulations is obligatory in India. The Uttarakhand state government enforces road tax on all vehicles within its jurisdiction, and neglecting this duty results in substantial penalties. Consequently, every vehicle owner in the state must fulfill their road tax obligation to operate their vehicle legally.

In response to the escalating number of vehicles on the road, the revenue generated from road tax plays a vital role in maintaining the state’s road infrastructure and ensuring optimal driving conditions. Vehicle owners must pay this road tax during the vehicle registration, overseen by the Uttarakhand RTO (Regional Transport Office).

The Uttarakhand RTO is a government department entrusted with various vehicle-related responsibilities. These include issuing driving licenses, registration certificates (RC), permits, pollution control measures, and enforcing road safety regulations within the state. Uttarakhand accommodates over 42 RTOs, each assigned unique RTO codes according to their geographical zones.

To comprehensively understand Uttarakhand RTO Charges, Road Tax, and related information, let’s delve deeper into the details.

Registration Charges Rs. 600 – For all cars
Hypothecation Charges Rs. 1,500 – If the car is purchased on a loan
Number Plate Charges Rs. 230 – 400 – Same for HSRP Number Plate
Parking Fee/State Development Charges Rs. 2,000 – MCD Parking Fees for cars under Rs. 4 Lakh Rs. 4,000 – MCD Parking Fees for cars above Rs. 4 Lakh (Applicable in some States)
Temporary Registration Charges Rs. 1,200 – 1,500 – Temporary Registration for up to 1 month
Road Tax Charges  Cars up to Rs. 5.0 Lakh: 8% Cars between 5.0 – 10.0 Lakh: 9% Cars above 10.0 Lakh: 10% Added Green Tax: Petrol – Rs. 1,500, Diesel – Rs. 3,000, CNG – No Tax
FasTag Charges Rs. 600 FasTag fees payable on purchase of the vehicle
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