Over 380 road networks in Himachal Pradesh have been affected by the recent flash flooding and landslides, leading to an increase in accidents. Road tax revenues are needed to improve the roads in Himachal Pradesh.

Charge Amount
Road Tax Cars priced up to ₹15 lakh: 8% of the car’s value
  Cars priced above ₹15 lakh: 9% of the car’s value
Registration Fee ₹600 for non-transport vehicles
  ₹1,000 for transport vehicles
HSRP Number Plates ₹500 for a four-wheeler
Other Charges Cost of the RC, the fitness certificate, and the pollution certificate


Description Amount
Car Price ₹15,00,000
Road Tax ₹1,20,000
Registration Fee ₹600
HSRP Number Plates ₹500
Other Charges ₹1,000
Total Cost ₹1,22,100
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