While the dream of owning a car is universal, it’s crucial to understand that vehicle owners must pay road taxes to their respective state governments. Road tax is a one-time fee, and in Gujarat, it is levied on private vehicles during registration. In Gujarat, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) oversees and regulates various vehicle-related services within the state. These services encompass vehicle registration, issuing and renewing driver’s licenses, granting permits, assessing vehicle fitness, collecting road tax, and controlling pollution. The system also allocates unique RTO codes to different functional zones within the state, aiding in identifying and registering vehicles within specific jurisdictions. Gujarat boasts approximately 36 RTOs that are responsible for executing all transportation-related tasks. These RTO codes serve a pivotal role in maintaining an efficient vehicle database.

Registration Charges Rs. 600 – For all cars
Hypothecation Charges Rs. 1,500 – If the car is purchased on a loan
Number Plate Charges Rs. 230 – 400 – Same for HSRP Number Plate
Parking Fee/State Development Charges Rs. 2,000 – MCD Parking Fees for cars under Rs. 4 Lakh Rs. 4,000 – MCD Parking Fees for cars above Rs. 4 Lakh (Applicable in some States)
Temporary Registration Charges Rs. 1,200 – 1,500 – Temporary Registration for up to 1 month
Road Tax Charges (Gujarat Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat etc.) For Individual purchases: 6% For Company purchases: 12% Road Tax for CKD (Completely Knocked Down) Imported Cars: Double the rate for CBU (Completely Built Up) Cars Additional Municipality Tax Additional 5% VAT Duty when purchasing SUV and Luxury cars under Company Name
FasTag Charges Rs. 600 FasTag fees payable on purchase of the vehicle
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