The Indian state of Assam enjoys strategic proximity to neighbouring countries like Bhutan and Bangladesh, ensuring a well-connected road network. All vehicle owners in Assam are required to fulfil their road tax obligations following the registration of their vehicles with the Regional Transport Office (RTO). This road tax is a one-time payment mandated by the state government and is calculated in accordance with the Assam Motor Vehicle Taxation Schedule.

In Assam, road tax rates vary based on different vehicle categories. Factors considered when determining the road tax include vehicle weight, age, make, model, seating capacity, and engine capacity. The Assam RTO plays a multifaceted role, actively promoting road safety measures, curbing vehicle-induced pollution, and enforcing traffic rules and regulations. Assam accommodates approximately 31 RTOs, each diligently performing these essential responsibilities.

Charge Amount
Road Tax Cars priced up to ₹15 lakh: 8% of the car’s value
Cars priced between ₹15 lakh and ₹20 lakh: 9% of the car’s value
Cars priced above ₹20 lakh: 10% of the car’s value
Registration Fee ₹600 for non-transport vehicles
₹1,000 for transport vehicles
HSRP Number Plates ₹500 for a four-wheeler
Other Charges Cost of the registration certificate, the fitness certificate, and the pollution under control certificate (Note: Specific amounts not provided)
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