Mitsubishi's Return to Indian Car Market Officially Confirmed

Mitsubishi to Re-enter Indian Automobile Market through Partnership with TVS Mobility

Mitsubishi Corporation is set to make a comeback in the Indian automotive market in collaboration with TVS Mobility. The partnership arises as TVS Mobility, a globally renowned automobile dealer and India’s largest distributor of automotive solutions, announces the separation of its car sales division.

In this venture, Mitsubishi will acquire a stake of more than 30% in the newly established entity, marking its reentry into the domestic automotive landscape. With India ranking as the world’s third-largest automotive market, after China and the United States, Mitsubishi aims to solidify its presence in the region.

The collaboration will witness Mitsubishi retailing Japanese car models alongside indigenous brands through the new company. Subject to regulatory approval, Mitsubishi’s investment is anticipated to range between 5 billion to 10 billion yen (approximately USD 33 million to USD 66 million). Post-completion, Mitsubishi intends to integrate its workforce into the dealership operations.


Reports indicate that the newly formed company will establish dedicated outlets for each represented car brand, with a special focus on expanding Honda car sales. Leveraging the existing infrastructure and expertise of TVS Mobility, Mitsubishi plans to engage in negotiations with Japanese automakers to diversify its product lineup.

The partnership seeks to introduce a wider range of Japanese car brands and models through the new dealership entity. With TVS Mobility currently managing around 150 outlets, the joint venture aims to emerge as one of India’s leading independent car dealerships. These outlets will offer a diverse selection of vehicles, including electric cars, as Mitsubishi sees this as crucial for promoting wider adoption of electric vehicles in the local market.

Furthermore, Mitsubishi intends to introduce new services such as scheduling maintenance appointments and purchasing insurance through a smartphone application. These innovations are aimed at enhancing sales, particularly in anticipation of increased competition within the Indian automotive sector.

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