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Maruti Suzuki Plans 5 New Hybrid Cars With Mileage Exceeding 35 Kmpl

Maruti Suzuki is gearing up to introduce its proprietary HEV system in the hybrid version of the Fronx by 2025, marking its entry into the hybrid vehicle market. Following the success of hybrid variants like the Grand Vitara and Urban Cruiser Hyryder, Maruti Suzuki aims to broaden its hybrid lineup across various price segments, taking advantage of the relatively limited competition in this sector.

Recent reports indicate that Maruti Suzuki

Recent reports indicate that Maruti Suzuki is in the process of launching five new hybrid cars between 2025 and 2027 in India. These vehicles, equipped with the codenamed HEV technology, will offer competitive pricing and act as range extenders, utilizing a gasoline engine to generate electricity for the electric motor, a concept similar to Nissan’s e-Power technology.

The upcoming hybrid models will feature Maruti Suzuki’s new Z series 1.2L three-cylinder petrol engine as the generator, charging the battery pack that powers the electric motor driving the wheels. The Fronx facelift, scheduled for 2025, will be the first model to receive this technology, followed by the next-generation Baleno and compact MPV in 2026, and the fifth-generation Swift in 2027.

This transition to hybridization not only aims to enhance fuel efficiency but also promises reduced maintenance costs and production expenses compared to traditional strong hybrid models. While these hybrid systems excel in traffic conditions, their efficiency may vary at higher speeds. Nonetheless, Maruti Suzuki’s venture into hybrid technology is poised to reshape the Indian automotive market in the coming years.

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