A road trip planned from the capital city of Jaipur to the historical Alwar town Alwar is an ideal way to see what the two cities provide. With 171 kilometres of distance, you can get there in minutes. Travel the distance in three hours with a private car. While travelling, covering the spread in 3 hours is impossible. It is crucial to take into consideration essential to consider the costs of tolls. Toll charges are a significant source of income for the construction of road infrastructure, which ensures maintained highways. Being aware of the charges for tolls ranging from Jaipur to Jaipur Alwar is not just helpful in the planning of a seamless journey but also helps in planning the route.

Assists in maintaining the road network connections between the two cities. Let’s get into the specifics of the total tolls from Jaipur up to Alwar.

Tolls Plaza List and Toll Cost

Toll Name/Location Toll Charges
Rajadhok 65

Total Toll Charges = Rs. 65

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