Hyderabad to Haridwar Tolls Plaza List and Toll Cost

Toll Name/Location Toll Charges
Choundha Rs. 80
Siwaya Rs. 110
Daroda Rs. 100
Kelapur Rs. 100
Allonia Rs. 60
Malthone Rs. 115
Titarpani Rs. 105
Jajau old baretha Rs. 90
Rolmamda Rs. 100
Manoharabad Rs. 95
Gamjal Rs. 55
Pippalwada Rs. 90
Mansar kamptee – kanhan bypass/ tekadi Rs. 150
Borkhedi nagpur bypass Rs. 145
Laling dhule Rs. 165
Vighakhet Rs. 80
Indalwai Rs. 80
Gwalior bypass mehra Rs. 90
Chitora Rs. 135
Babina Rs. 110
Jaitpur Rs. 60
Bhiknoor Rs. 85
Yamuna expressway-aligarh exit Rs. 105
Yamuna expressway-mathura exit Rs. 135
Yamuna expressway-agra exit Rs. 120
Khawasa fp Rs. 100
Dagrai Rs. 135
Chhapar Rs. 55
Bahadrabad Rs. 95
Madai Rs. 100
Bahadrabad Rs. 85
Total Toll Charges Rs. 3130/-
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