high seas drama maldives accuses indian coast guard

The Maldives’ government has officially requested the Indian government to provide detailed information about an incident where Indian coast guard personnel allegedly boarded three Maldivian fishing vessels within its economic zone. This development adds to the diplomatic tension between the two nations, strained since President Mohamed Muizzu, perceived as pro-China, took office in November.

The Maldives claims the Indian troops breached international maritime laws by boarding the fishing boats in the Maldives’ Special Economic Zone without prior consultation. There has been no immediate response from the Indian government to these allegations. The incident occurred on January 31, and the Maldivian government seeks comprehensive details through an official request via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

President Muizzu had previously requested the withdrawal of 88 Indian military personnel from the Maldives, and a set of mutually workable solutions for the operations of Indian aviation platforms in the Maldives was agreed upon. Around 80 Indian military personnel currently operate helicopters and an aircraft providing medical evacuation and humanitarian missions in the Maldives.

Following a high-level meeting in New Delhi, India is set to replace military personnel in these platforms by May 10, with the first phase completed by March 10.

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