Gharaunda (Karnal) Toll Plaza/Gate Charges/Rates/Fees

Gharaunda is a town of a smaller size located in Gharaunda is a small town in the Karnal district in Haryana, India. The toll plaza in the town is just 5 kilometers away from Gharaunda, located on National Highway 1 towards the Chandigarh (U.T) side. The tollable length for the Gharaunda toll station is around 110 kilometers. The gate fees at this toll station are extremely affordable regardless of whether you are driving a commercial or private vehicle. This article contains a complete list of one-way and two-way travel (return toll) and the daily and monthly costs at Gharaunda, Karnal toll plaza. You can also discover Gharaunda (Karnal) toll information and contact details. The fees on four-wheelers, LCVs, heavy-duty vehicles, and other vehicles at this toll station in Haryana are as follows.

Vehicle Type Single Return Monthly Commercial
Car/Jeep/Van 120 175 3545 NA
LCV 205 310 6205 NA
2 Axle Bus, Truck 415 620 12415 NA
3 Axle Bus, Truck 665 1000 19950 NA
4,5,6 Axle Bus, Truck 665 1000 19950 NA
7 Axle Bus, Truck 665 1000 19950 NA
Heavy Vehicle 665 1000 19950 NA
Local Monthly Pass LT1: 150.00 LCV Daily Pass: 15.00
Local Monthly Pass LT2: 300.00 Truck Daily Pass 25.00
School Monthly Pass: 1000.00

Gharaunda (Karnal) Toll Plaza/Gate Details

National Highway No 1 State Haryana
Toll Plaza Name Gharaunda (Karnal) Stretch Panipat Ambala
Concessionaire M/s Panipat Jalandhar NH-1 Tollway Pvt Ltd PIU PIU Ambala
Toll Plaza Location Km 111.483 Tollable length Km 110.00 Km(s)
Fee Effective Date 01-Sep-2018/ Toll Revision Due Date 31-Aug-19
Fee Notification Date 06-Apr-09 Commercial Operation Start Date 24-Jun-02
Fee Rule 1997 Project Capital Cost 2747.5
Concession Period 05.11.2009-04.11.2024 Traffic 71779 As on : 15-Mar-2017
PCU 90000 Incharge Name Anil Kumar / 9992600344

Gharaunda (Karnal) Toll Plaza/Gate – Useful Information

Helpline Number Crane-, Ambulance -, Route Patrol-
Emergency Service 1033
Nearest Police Station Madhuban Police Station Dist Karnal /
Nearest Hospital Civil Hospital Gharaunda and Arpana Hospital Karnal
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