Name Location Operator Type
Tata PowerCharging Station One Awadh Centre, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow Tata Power AC Fast
Statiq Charging Station Hazratganj, Lucknow Statiq AC Fast
IOCL – Amausi IOCL Fuel Station, Amausi, Lucknow Indian Oil Corporation Slow
Voltup Charging Station Lucknow Voltup AC Fast
Mahindra Electric Charging Station Mahindra Electric Showroom, 69, Ring Road, Lucknow Mahindra AC Fast
Ather Charging Station Lucknow Ather Energy DC Fast
Statiq Charging Station Alambagh, Lucknow Statiq AC Fast
IOCL – Chinhat IOCL Fuel Station, Chinhat, Lucknow Indian Oil Corporation Slow
Charzer Charging Station Kisan Seva Kendra, Teekampar, Deoria Charzer AC Fast
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Top 10 EV Charging Station Companies in India

In India, demand for electric vehicles is rising quickly, mainly due to the high cost of petrol. EVs are great for promoting environmentally friendly transportation and lowering carbon emissions. More and more businesses are now joining the EV charging infrastructure sector to boost the purchase of EVs. Numerous Indian companies provide a wide selection of chargers with cutting-edge functionality and efficiency. 

The top 10 EV charging station manufacturers in India are featured in this article. It will assist you in making comparisons and purchasing the best charger for your EV.

Leading EV Charging Manufactures in India 2023

Tata Power EZ Charge

When it comes to the best EV charging station firms in India, Tata Power is one of the most popular ones. In over 15 states and 180 cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, etc., Tata has a network of more than 1000 EV charging stations. The company offers solutions for different chargers, such as AC, Fast DC, and DC 001. Customers may find EV charging stations, use convenient EV charging facilities, and make payments online using the Tata Power EZ Charge mobile application.

Currently, Tata Power is working to install EV charging stations in a number of state-owned Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited streets, roads, and plazas.   

Exicom Tele-Systems Ltd.

Exicom started in 1994 and now works in the storage, communication, and green mobility industries. The business manufactures charging facilities for kinetic energy storage solutions in India. The general people can charge their two- and three-wheelers, personal vehicles, and commercial vehicles. For Mahindra e-Verito and Tata Tigor automobile models, the business has additionally installed BharatAC and DC chargers for home installation.

Through the provision of EV charging infrastructure and Li-ion batteries for all types of vehicles using affordable, advanced technology, Exicom hopes to accelerate the demand for EVs in the entire country. In order to establish a strong network of EV charging infrastructure, the company has also signed an MoU with Bharat Heavy Electrics Limited.

Mass-Tech Controls

Mass-Tech, which was established in 1993, is among the top manufacturers of industrial battery chargers, microprocessor control software, and control panels in India. Since 2014, the business has been manufacturing EV charging stations with an output range of 10kW to 200kW. It has DC quick chargers for both electric automobiles and buses. All DC Fast charging protocols are completely compatible with the chargers.

The business has also worked with the leading EV manufacturers, including TATAMotors, Mahindra, KPIT, and Volvo. Mass-Tech has erected a DC Fast Charging Station in Mumbai in collaboration with TATA Motors. 

Delta Electronics

In terms of sales, Delta is the largest EV Charging suppliers in India. The company started in 1971 and has over 40 years of experience in power technology. Also, the company offers a wide range of energy-efficient charging devices, such as AC EV chargers and DC fast chargers. The company offers a SiteManagement System for lots of parking, workplaces, residential buildings, and more, in addition to EV charging stations. UL, IEC, CHAdeMO, CQC, and CNS are just a few of the organizations that have awarded DeltaElectronics with their international safety certifications.  


In the industry of electric mobility, ABB is a well-known company. The business provides a full EV charging solution, which includes ground-breaking on-demand electric bus charging systems, trustworthy DC fast charging stations with strong connections, and compact, high-quality ACwall boxes.

In Delhi in 2020, ABB installed its first DC rapid charger for the general public in association with EV Motors India. 

The business introduced Terra 360, the fastest auto charger in the world, which can fully charge a car in only 15 minutes. It is the only charger made exclusively to charge up to four vehicles simultaneously. With this, ABB hopes to increase infrastructure construction and meet the demands of the next generation of environmentally friendly and intelligent transportation systems.

Ather Grid

Ather Energy was established by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in Bengaluru in 2013. The company’s network of DC fast charging connections charging stations is dispersed throughout 18 Indian cities. The Ather 450X and Ather 450Plus are two further e-scooters made by Ather Grid. The company will soon expand Ather Grid to Mumbai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, National Capital Region, Pune, Kolkata, and Kochi.


2019 sees the partnership of Asia Electric and Drive AMP to establish BrightBlu, a manufacturer of automated EV charging stations. In India, the company provides EV charging options for the home, workplace, and on the go, thanks to its cutting-edge charging technology. The Jolt electric vehicle charger is easy to install and use and has a significant influence. Customers can also use the mobile application’s user guide to track their charges.      


Panasonic introduced Nymbus, a groundbreaking EV charging service, in 2019. Boardchargers, exchange stations, telematics systems, and charging stations are just a few of the cutting-edge charging features that Nymbus integrates. Additionally, it offers virtual features like analytics, cloud computing, and AI.

Currently, Panasonic only provides charging services for two- and three-wheeled vehicles. However, the business plans to enlarge its selection soon. The Delhi NCR area now has Panasonic’s EV charging systems installed.

Fortum India

Fortum is a top manufacturer of EV charging stations with operations in over 40 countries. The business launched its operations in India in 2017. The company operates over 450 public EV charging stations in 15 states. In Hyderabad, the industry constructed its first free public charging station for Indian Oil. 

Fortum Charge and Drive India Private Limited (FCDIPL) changed its name to Glida earlier this month to reflect its advanced features, including intelligent charging algorithms, remote monitoring, and user-friendly interfaces. Lowering carbon emissions and dependency on fossil fuels will encourage the purchase of electric cars (EVs) in India. 


The Kirana Charzer is a low-cost, small, and intelligent IoT-powered EV charging solution offered by Bangalore-based startup Charzer. Small stores, workplaces, dining establishments, shopping centres, etc., can host the technology. A cost-effective EV charging station called Charzer works with e-rickshaws, e-scooters, and electric vehicles in general. The company currently operates over 850 charging stations in more than 20 locations.

The business and ADDA recently teamed up to construct charging infrastructure within apartment buildings. In the upcoming years, Charzer wants to put EV charging stations in 1,500 apartment buildings nationwide.

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