“Lal Salaam” is poised to become the next major release in Tamil cinema, with a scheduled debut on February 9. However, the inclusion of Dhanya Balakrishna in the film’s cast has stirred controversy, as the actress is accused of making a derogatory statement against Tamizhians in 2012. The old statement resurfaced on social media, leading to criticism from netizens directed at the “Lal Salaam” team for featuring a controversial actress in their film. Responding to the controversies surrounding “Lal Salaam,” Dhanya Balakrishna addressed the issue through a press release, offering her apology and clarification.

“I affirm to my profession, which sustains my livelihood, that the circulating statement was not uttered by me and does not reflect my opinion. I clarified this matter 12 years ago when it first occurred, and I reiterate it today. The screenshot in question was created by a troll. Unfortunately, I lack the means to prove to you all that it was not me. My silence over the past 12 years was solely due to receiving numerous threats and hate directed towards me and my family, and my priority was to protect them.

Now, I wish to seize the opportunity to assert that the alleged statement did not originate from me.

I commenced my career in Tamil cinema and am forever grateful for the privilege to work here. Most of my friends are Tamil, and the thought of making such a remark as a joke never crossed my mind. The Tamil audience was my first audience, and their love provided me the courage and inspiration to work for many years. As a human being and a woman, I harbor no intention to say or do anything to cause harm. I have worked in Tamil films such as “Raja Rani,” “Neethane en Pon Vasantham,” and “Carbon,” and three Tamil web series after the incident, facing no such backlash.

Despite the fact that the statement does not reflect my words, unfortunately, my name has been associated with it due to my ill fortune. Therefore, I extend my sincere and unconditional apology to the Tamil people for any hurt caused.

I also deeply apologize to Rajinikanth sir, Aishwarya Rajinikanth ma’am, and Rajini sir’s fans for the inconvenience and distress caused by this issue.

I find myself powerless and helpless at this point, and I only hope that you have the compassion to recognize the truth in this,” conveyed Dhanya Balakrishna in an attempt to clarify matters for fans ahead of the film’s release.”

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