Discover the Most Popular Trains from Delhi To Goa

Train NameTrain NoTime StatusKMRoute
TVC RAJDHANI124321d 0h 44m2094NZM To MAO
NZM MAO RAJDANI224141d 0h 54m2094NZM To MAO
NZM ERS DURONTO122841d 2h 54m2094NZM To MAO
NZM TVC EXPRESS226341d 3h 54m2094NZM To MAO
YNRK KCVL EXP226601d 3h 50m2094NZM To MAO
ASR KCVL SF EXP124841d 4h2101NDLS To MAO
GOA S KRANTI124501d 5h 10m2101NDLS To MAO
NZM TVC SF EXP226541d 5h 20m2094NZM To MAO
NZM ERS SF EXP226561d 5h 20m2094NZM To MAO
MNGLA LKSDP EXP126181d 10h 20m2217NZM To MAO
GOA EXPRESS127801d 14h 25m2174NZM To MAO
ERS DURONTO SPL022841d 2h 35m2094NZM To MAO
NDLS TVC SPL124321d 0h 45m2093NZM To MAO
NZM MAO SPL024141d 0h 55m2094NZM To MAO
NZM VSG SUP SPL073801d 14h 40m2174NZM To MAO
MNGLA LKSDP SPL026181d 10h 30m2217NZM To MAO
GOA EXPRESS SPL027801d 15h 25m2174NZM To MAO
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NDLS – New Delhi

MAO – Madgaon Junction Railway Station

NZM – Hazrat Nizamuddin Delhi

DLI – Delhi

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