Discover the Most Popular Trains from Delhi To Bangalore

Train NameTrain NoTime StatusKMRoute
SBC RAJDHANI226921d 9h 30m1736NZM To SBC
KARNATAKA EXP126281d 15h 40m1742NDLS To SBC
DEE YPR DURONTO122141d 10h1744DEE To YPR
YPR S KRNTI EXP126301d 21h 15m1736NZM To YPR
YPR SAMPARK KRT126501d 20h 10m1736NZM To YPR
KARNTK S KRANTI226861d 21h 30m1742NDLS To YPR
KONGU EXPRESS126481d 16h 23m1735NZM To KJM
NZM SBC SPL026921d 9h 30m1736NZM To SBC
NDLS SBC SF SPL065281d 16h 10m1742NDLS To SBC
NZM CBE FEST SPL060781d 16h 23m1735NZM To KJM
YPR S KRNTI SPL026301d 21h 30m1736NZM To YPR
NZM YPR SF EXP065942d 1h 50m1736NZM To YPR
NZM-SBC RAJDHANI EXP226941d 9h 56m1736NZM To SBC
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SBC – Bangalore


NDLS – New Delhi

DLI – Delhi

NZM – Hazrat Nizamuddin Delhi

YPR – Yesvantpur Jn

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