Tripura, located in northeastern India, is connected to the rest of India only by National Highway 8. The state has only one major road but is well known for its organized Regional Transport Offices (RTO). The Tripura RTO is responsible for managing vehicle registrations, granting permits, renewing driver’s licences, controlling pollution and adhering to road safety regulations and rules within the state.

Around 8 RTOs are located in Tripura. Each one is assigned a unique RTO Code. The RTO code simplifies vehicle identification and registration across the entire state. In addition, the road tax is a significant source of revenue in Tripura for the development and maintenance of transportation infrastructure. The state imposes a compulsory road tax on all vehicles that travel on the roads within its borders.

Residents and visitors must be aware of how the Tripura RTO operates and understand the RTO codes and the road tax structure to navigate the roads of Tripura legally and responsibly.

RTO Code RTO Name Location Pin Code
TR01 Agartala RTO Sadar, Agartala 799001
TR02 Kailashahar RTO Kailashahar 799221
TR03 Udaipura RTO Udaipura 799229
TR04 Dharmanagar RTO Dharmanagar 799170
TR05 Khowai RTO Khowai 799215
TR06 Teliamura RTO Teliamura 799108
TR07 Bishramganj RTO Bishramganj 799122
TR08 South Tripura RTO Santirbazar 799627
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