The payment of a road tax is required to get your car registered and to drive around the various regions of Indian states, which includes the stunning Arunachal Pradesh region. Arunachal Pradesh. It is located in the northeastern region of India; Arunachal Pradesh is famous for its beautiful scenery and diverse cultural diversity.

As part of its administration structure in the framework of its administration, the state of Arunachal Pradesh is run under the Regional Transport Office (RTO) code system that plays an essential part in regulating the registration of vehicles and taxation. With more than 16 RTOs (each having a unique RTO code) located in Arunachal Pradesh, It is responsible for maintaining a database of all vehicles operating within the state. Statewide, the RTO is also accountable for granting driver’s licenses or registration documents (RC) as well as issuing driving permits, collecting road tax, and ensuring compliance with road safety regulations and other transport-related services in the state.

Understanding the structure of road taxes and the operation of the Arunachal Pradesh RTO and its distinct RTO codes is vital for anyone planning to drive within the state’s limits.

RTO Code RTO Name Location Pin Code
AR01 Itanagar RTO 1st Mile, Itanagar 791111
AR02 Anini RTO Anini 791691
AR03 Bomdila RTO Bomdila 791102
AR04 Changlang RTO Changlang 791103
AR05 Koloriang RTO Koloriang 791104
AR06 Kurung Kumey RTO Tezu 791105
AR07 Lohit RTO Tezu 791105
AR08 Namsai RTO Namsai 791106
AR09 Seppa RTO Seppa 791107
AR10 Tawang RTO Tawang 791108
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